The Allegan County Equestrian Trail System (ETS) is a collaborative effort between Allegan County Parks, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the volunteer group Friends of the Allegan County Equestrian Trail System (FACETS).
Horseback riding in Allegan County has been a very popular recreational activity for residents and visitors for many years. Most of the equestrian activity in the County takes place in the 50,000-acre Allegan State Game Area. The Allegan County ETS consists of 60 miles of marked and mapped designated riding trails.


3283 122nd Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010


Contact: (269) 686-9088

Length: 60 Miles

Level: Unknown

Type: Riding

Terrain: Woods

Camping: Yes! Silver Creek Equestrian Campground and Park has both day riding and overnight camping opportunities and Ely Lake also provides overnight equestrian camping opportunities.


Silver Creek Equestrian Campground and Park

Located near Hamilton and north of M-40, there are 30 miles of trails connected to our popular Silver Creek Equestrian Campground and Park which has both day riding and overnight camping opportunities.
Swan Creek Pond and Ely Lake
Located south of M-40 are an additional 30 miles of trails and two trail staging areas, one of which is located at Swan Creek Pond and the other is located at Ely Lake Campground. Ely Lake, which also provides overnight equestrian camping opportunities, and the Swan Creek Pond trail head, are connected by a riding trail network (see Map).
Special Note: All Allegan County ETS trails that are part of the Game Area will be closed to riding from November 15 to November 30 each year; this coincides with the firearm deer season.

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