This charming trail camp offers group camping in the middle of what was once an apple orchard. The campground consists of a group camping area designed for equestrians riding the Shore-to-Shore Trail, a 420-mile trail system open to hiking and horseback riding, that stretches east-west from Empire to Oscoda with two additional northern and southern spur trails.

The group area has a maximum capacity of 200 people. Amenities include vault toilets, picket poles and a submersible pump that requires a 5,000 watt generator.

If the group will utilize multiple campgrounds along the trail, please contact the Cadillac Operations Service Center at 231-775-9727, ext. 6006.

This campground is maintained with the help of the Michigan Trail Riders Association.

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County Line Rd
Empire, MI 49630


Contact: (231)-276-9511

Length: 420-mile Shore to Shore trail system

Level: Unknown

Type: Riding, Hiking

Terrain: Hills, woods, meadows, fields, rivers


Camping: Yes!

Location:  Near Garey Lake State Forest Campground in Benzie County. It is located 8 miles southeast of Empire via M-72, Plowman Road and Pettengill Road.


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