The Soo Strong Trail follows an abandoned railroad corridor for most of its 32 miles between Sault Ste. Marie and Eckerman. The trail travels through open green space and wooded terrain that is very remote and peaceful. This ride covers 20 miles from Sault Ste. Marie to a good turnaround point at a gap in the trail just before arriving in the community of Brimley. The trail does pick up again further west on the other side of Brimley for riders looking to add some mileage. The trail is dirt, ballast, and sand, and is mostly used for horseback riding, mountain biking, and snowmobiling. The trail is almost completely flat along this portion making it an easy ride and good choice for beginner riders.


Chippewa County



Length: 32 Miles

Level: 1

Type: Riding, Hiking, Biking

Terrain: Woods,

Parking/Staging: Parking for the west segment is in Eckerman. In Sault Ste. Marie park at the eastern terminus on Foss Street.

Camping: None


SR 123 at Sheldon Rd. (Eckerman), and Foss St. (Sault Ste. Marie