With over 20 miles of well maintained trails, The Bluffs in a great place in Hillsdale County to go for a trail ride, enjoy the beautiful grounds and go through the covered bridge.

Closes September 30th and opens in early spring depending on how much snow and rain they get through winter.

“Going to the woods is going home.”
-John Muir
In Loving memory of Del White.
August 31, 1925-May 25, 2010



7651 W Montgomery Rd
Camden, Michigan 49232


Contact: (517) 368-5834

Entrance Fee: $10 a day per adult, $5 for kids.

Length: 20+ Miles

Level: 2

Type: Riding, Hiking

Terrain: Woods

Camping: Yes! For more info and prices just give them a call (517) 368-5834

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