Yankee Spring’s unique beauty and landscape lend the park’s 5,200 acres to many forms of recreation, such as camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, cross-country skiing, swimming and much more.

Roughly 10 miles of trails wind through forests, alongside lakes and pass by creeks providing riders with a varied and challenging equestrian experience. The trails connect to an additional nine miles of trails that can be found in the neighboring Barry State Game Area (available to equestrian riders in the summer months) lending itself to rides of varying distances. 


2104 S. Briggs Road
Middleville MI, 49333


Contact: (269)-795-9081

Length: 10 Miles

Level: Unknown

Type: Riding

Terrain: Forests, lakes, creeks

Camping: Yes! Located near beautiful Gun Lake, the Yankee Springs-equestrian campground is just 35 minutes south of Grand Rapids. Find more information at


Trailhead: There are staging areas located at each of the trailheads of the separate loops. The 9-mile and 6-mile loops begin near the equestrian campground, just south of Duffy Road, while the 4-mile loop begins west of the campground off of Duffy Road.

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